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FRESH Element Smart Pet Feeder


FRESH Element


PETKIT FRESH ELEMENT Smart Pet Feeder, is more like a nanny of your pets. This is a feeder that can double lock the freshness of dry pet food, never gets stuck and always feeds as your plan. You can set up the feeding plan and long-range remote control your feeder via PETKIT APP. No more worry about your busy job, PETKIT smart feeder offers your pet fresh food and keeps them healthy. PETKIT helps you to accompany your pets with your love. ”

—Designer’s self-statement
Double fresh lock system-place silicone sealing ring at the food outlet door, cooperate with the desiccant box on the top of the feeder. Food will not be stuck, according to the bionic principle, as a self-adaption system with Oscillating bar, spring check-board and silicone impeller, Zero stuck proved after a million tests. 
Ten high precision sensors to create a more safe and complete system, offering pets a healthy and scientific feeding way. Feeding plans could be set up on the cell phone according to the pet’s information, how many meals a time, how much the quantity per meal, all these operations can be set up remotely on the PETKIT App.
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