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FUN TREE Dog Toy Set


The new FUN TREE Dog Toy Set comes in a set of 3!

Treat Ball Dog Toy (Brown) – Pop in some treats and the irregular leaking food route in the toy can prolong the playing time which let your dog enjoy the endless pleasure during the time of chasing food.

Chew Ball Dog Toy (Green) – From clean to massage, enjoy the pleasure of teeth grinding! The outer wall design with special ridge structure from dense to spare satisfies the structure of the dog’s teeth and increase the occlusion friction. During the occlusion process, the mouth and teeth of the dog can be fully cleaned, which satisfies its instinct of teeth grinding. FUN tree can protect the dog’s gum while itself is not easy to deform and be damaged.

Squeaker Ball Dog Toy (Yellow) – It’s appearance is made up of six groups of different height of outer rings, which can trigger different whistle sounds by pressing. It also adopts the bright yellow color that the dog can easily identify.

The abstract tree appearance provides the set with a different artistic connotations, which becomes the artwork decorating the life and improves the household style from the details.

The tree shaped storage holder presents the beauty of ideal life. This is to encourages the pet owner to wash the dog toy set after playing, and store on the FUN TREE holder to construct the tidy and nice pet keeping life. The drainage trough and water storage trough on the holder with considerate design are easy to dry after washing and the water storage trough can prevent water from dropping.

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