DID YOU KNOW? Your Dog’s Skin is the Largest Organ He Has

DID YOU KNOW? Your Dog’s Skin is the Largest Organ He Has

Skin afflictions can be painfully uncomfortable for your dog and will certainly cost you a bomb at the vet.

Here are 3 best tips to keep your dog’s skin healthy and glossy!

Diet and Supplements

Ensure to keep your dog’s skin healthy with a daily regime of vitamins and supplements. Proucts rich in fatty acids, oild, and vitamins are essential for healthy skin. Cold Water Salmon is not something that probably comes to your mind, but it is great for your dog!  It is also loaded with wholesome protein and is a primary building block for your dog’s nutrition.

Bathe Regularly, but Not Too Much

Bathing once a month is a good general guideline, often enough to keep the dog’s coat clean. It is best to use moisturising shampoo that won’t irritate the skin. Also, consider adding a natural conditioner afterwards – those that contain vitamin # are soothing to the skin and hair.

Some owners are using the all time favourite Almond Crisp Shampoo for their dogs – leaving a coarse crisp coat, with volume and texture, certainly it is everyone’s favourite!

Sun Protection

Just like we humans, overexposure to the sun is bad for your dog’s skin as well. If you have a white dog or a dog with pink skin, take these precautions to make sure they are not getting too much sun, which can cause burns or cancer.

“If you like it then you should put a shirt on it!”

If you have a short-haired breed that won’t get too hot, you can but a shirt on them to cover their upper body parts. Reflective jackets that help cool your dog are a good choice as well!

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